I'm a graduate of Ryerson University's Film Production program - School of Image Arts. After working as a filmmaker for a few years, I realized that my passion is spreading my love for and knowledge of cinema. I still enjoy the creative process, but hope to use my skills for film and arts education and programming, at cultural institutions, non-profits, and film festivals.

I have thirteen years of experience in education. I love working with children, and particularly enjoy teaching filmmaking basics, cultural history, and visual arts. I've also guest instructed at several post-secondary institutions, on film and video topics. My studies in visual arts and European history have expanded my appreciation for culture in all its forms.

In addition, I have ten years of experience working on the sets of short films, music videos, web series, documentaries, stop motion animations, television shows, and feature films. I love designing wardrobe, screenwriting, and directing. I also have a lot of experience producing and editing film and video, and working in the art department in various roles. Recently, I have been exploring 2D digital animation. I really enjoy the artistic and collaborative process of filmmaking and content production.