Wardrobe Assistant

I love working on period pieces, and this short film was no exception. It was lots of fun dressing the slick tabloid editor and washed up journalist with a troubled past. We created a contrast between the country and city by giving the urban characters a 1970s look and the rural characters more of a 50s vibe. The main challenge on this production was dressing a large number of background townspeople, without meeting them or knowing their sizes.

A Ryerson University thesis film.
Produced by Madison Cawker.
Directed by Miranda Morris.

Winner of the William F. White 2010 Film Grant.
Screened at the Ryerson University Film Festival 2011.

Synopsis: An award-winning journalist turned alcoholic is forced to take a job as a reporter for a tabloid. His first lead brings him to a small town, where he investigates an alleged UFO sighting, and tries to discern whether aliens actually landed, or the townspeople were all drunk on moonshine.

Vivian Canon, P.I.

Set Dresser, Wardrobe Assistant, Props Master

One of my first experiences on a professional set, this production's small crew meant I was the sole art department rep for much of the shoot. Working on this web series was a great learning experience, as I was entirely responsible for styling the wardrobe of the lead actress, several recurring characters, and handful of guest stars. I also got to create large set pieces and props, and design the look and feel of the main office, bedroom/lounge, and darkroom spaces.

Keystone Pictures.
Produced by Paul Flint.
Directed by Patrick Micallef.

Synopsis: A private investigator submerges herself in her cases, rather than deal with her loneliness and isolation, the results of a failed marriage and traumatic past.